What is emergency eye care?

Emergency eye care refers to any services you need when your eye health or vision is at stake. While many eye conditions develop slowly over time and don’t cause many complications along the way or are very easy to manage, other eye problems are much more urgent and need immediate attention.

In the event of any eye emergency, you should do everything you can to avoid rubbing your eyes, using tweezers or other tools on or near your eyes, or putting medications in your eyes. Aside from getting to Elite Eye Care as soon as possible, you may need to flush your eyes out with clean water to remove any chemicals harming them.

While you can’t always predict an eye emergency, the team at Elite Eye Care gives you recommendations for preventing future eye emergencies. You should use protective eyewear in situations where it’s necessary, use caution while working with flammable objects or power tools, and visit for your regular comprehensive eye exams.

What are some signs I need emergency eye care?

Many eye emergencies aren’t very easy to identify on your own. For example, you might develop sudden and concerning symptoms from an eye condition you didn’t realize you had.

Generally, you should consider coming to Elite Eye Care for emergency services if you experience:

If you’re not sure whether or not your symptoms indicate an eye emergency, you can call the office to find out your next steps.

  • iconEye Pain
  • iconEye Bleeding
  • iconSudden vision loss
  • iconA swollen or bulging eye
  • iconEye discharge
  • iconBruising around your eye

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Which complications need emergency eye care?

Some eye emergencies are very specific, and it’s clear they need treatment right away. Dr. Yakubov and the team routinely treat common eye emergencies, including:

  • iconChemical burns to the eye
  • iconForeign objects stuck in your eye
  • iconCuts on your eyelid or eyeball
  • iconVision changes
  • iconA black eye
  • iconRetinal detachment
  • iconAcute angle-closure glaucoma
  • iconGlobe rupture

As soon as you arrive, the team examines your eye and works to remove any irritants worsening the condition, like chemicals or foreign objects. They may perform emergency procedures or surgeries as they work to restore your vision and eye health.

Find out more about emergency eye care by scheduling an appointment over the phone or online at Elite Eye Care today.

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